Operational Excellence Program


    Stone Valley announces the addition of their new operations team who will focus specifically on manufacturing and operational support for clients’ start up initiatives.


    This rapid response team will provide a variety of support and services from management bridging to supply chain stabilization support to value optimization through lean manufacturing techniques.

    Based on years of collective experience, SVC Integration’s “Operational Excellence Team” (OET) will provide the necessary expertise to ensure that clients’ effectively and successfully transition into new markets through the heavy lifting phase of commissioning and ramp up.


    SVC Integration provides:


    * Bridge management expertise in key positions, to allow adequate time to recruit and orient permanent personnel, including roles such as Plant Manager, Quality Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and others


    * Assistance with the design, layout and commissioning of new processes, maximizing customer value and minimizing waste.


    * Assistance in the initial stabilization of all supply chain processes, producing “run-at-rate” capabilities, as well as supplier mentoring.


    * Expert development of the production system elements (tools), for a foundation that effectively supports customer value streams and optimization of working capital.


    * Development of a lean organization that supports production systems’ requirements, including critical start-up tool training for both leadership and shop floor personnel.


    * Creation and implementation of required quality systems, so that registration mandates are met in a timely manner (ISO/QS, etc).


    * Expertise and assistance in developing the appropriate value metrics (cost, quality and delivery) so that transitional supply and quality to customers is acceptable, seamless and uninterrupted.


    * Coordination of initial shop floor continuous improvement initiatives, including breakthrough kaizen, 6 Sigma and 5 “S” techniques.


    * Materials logistics support, including line sequencing and kitting strategies to satisfy customer, supplier and internal inventory needs (including coordination of both customer and supplier KanBan initiatives into the new facility).


    * Regular site visits with both customers and suppliers, providing improvement opportunities throughout commissioning and ramp up activities, to support the implementation of corrective action for issue resolution.

SVC Integration is a division of Stone Valley Capital Management.



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