Services and Solutions for Emerging Markets


    SVC Integration provides operations support and expertise for expansion clients, ensuring that plant commissioning, ramp up and run-at-rate phases are well-timed and executed appropriately.  SVC also mitigates risk elements to both the customer and supplier communities it services.

    SVC Services include:


    * SVC  Analytics™ - our proprietary Total Operating Cost analysis for multiple locations.

    Supplier and new customer attraction and retention.

    * Real estate development & relocation expertise, including site selection strategically by region and industry (based on supplier and sales targeting).
    * Evaluation of manufacturing business structure (financial /HR/legal/overall operations).
    * Extensive knowledge of public and private incentives.
    * Business cultural integration and implementation strategies.
    * We know more than just the language. SVC Integration’s comprehensive approach to supply chain considerations gives your business a distinct advantage, flattening the learning curve to get you moving fast.



SVC Integration is a division of Stone Valley Capital Management.


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