SVC Executive Team - Olegario Gomez


Olegario Gomez, Marketing Manager, Saltillo, Mexico, will be coordinating all on-site market reconnaissance and due diligence, including but not limited to, State and Federal Incentives negotiations, maintaining frequent contact with regional dealmakers, influencers and end users, and developing and maintaining the regional “stacking plan”. 


Olegario is responsible for maintaining open and frequent communication between Freightliner and their supplier companies, coordinating and conducting site visits along with SVC senior management and continuous customer service with committed suppliers to include raw material and components sourcing, human resources, and legal facilitation and relocation coordination. 


Olegario was born and raised in Saltillo and has over 10 years experience working in the maquiladora industry in Saltillo with several companies including Johnson Controls.  He is a graduate of Manufacturing Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo.


SVC Integration is a division of Stone Valley Capital Management.


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