SVC Executive Team - Terry Bruni


Terry Bruni, Associate and Operational Specialist, has over 26 years of manufacturing management experience, the majority of which at executive levels.


Beginning with integrated steel, Terry began his career in front line supervision working his way up to becoming the Hot Products Manager for a modern seamless tubular facility.


From there, he moved to the automotive industry, specifically assembly of commercial vehicles (trucks class 5 through 8), where he was the plant manager of Daimler’s commercial vehicle plant in St. Thomas Ontario Canada – capacity of 120 trucks per day. Here he gained valuable experience in the development of lean techniques and production system environments.


From there, Mr. Bruni took a position heading up Meridian’s Magnesium Products Division having P & L responsibility for Meridian’s Canadian Division in Strathroy, Ontario Canada, a tier 1 supplier of precision magnesium castings to the global automotive markets, shipping over 600,000 parts per month at a PPM rate of less than 4.


After Meridian, Terry decided to pursue personal business opportunities and has owned his own consulting firm for the last 5 years. Specialties include lean manufacturing, executive management bridging, operational modeling and organizational development.


Mr. Bruni is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Lake Superior State University.


SVC Integration is a division of Stone Valley Capital Management.


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